Five apartments near Galissas beach _ D02 the tiny one…
We were commissioned recently to renovate a touristic complex of vacation houses in Syros. It is built on a plot not far from Ermoupoli, near Galissas beach and it has five different apartments. The apartment “D02″ is the smallest one and we hope that the current, seemingly hopeless situation, will become cozy and welcoming.


Here is our proposal for Trikala city. TOO PLAZA is a project for the redesign of TWO SQUARES in the very center of the urban web. Starting from an ecological and money saving perspective our proposal is a statement for the miracle of nature. The designing areas were shaded under the dominant presence of gigandic trees. It is a tribute for architectural economy. The architect’s role is not always to step forward and change everything but to often walk aside, embrace the beauty and bring nowness through architecture


LAUDRYROOM has opened its doors

DIMOS MOYSIADIS ARCHITECTURE designed and constructed a new KOUKAKI WASH-SPOT. We played a small role in the current freshening up of Veikou Street near Acropolis. The impressive upgrade  Koukaki Area. It was a pleasant project and we are very proud for the result. Visit it !



We are happy to present our proposal for a Science Centre in Lithuania. PANEPISTIMION  is inspired by classical architectural values. It adopted the rhythm and the clarity of the structural aesthetics while the whole volume builds up like a continuous spiral. From this perspective below you can see the protected openness of the core void.


Our latest project is a commercial one! We are happy with the procession of our work in Pagrati, Athens.

Hi-Rise Surprize



We have almost finished two house in the residential area of Thrakomakedones, Athens. This is a perspective of the yard next to a single floor structure. The veranda slides along the south elevation and exceeds equally with a private balcony towards the east.


Our project AVLI is part of this new paradigm of architectural dialog and today it finally has its printed version. Congratulations to all the creative people that collaborated to make this happen.


Just because it’s good for our souls… Because sometimes we need to and for some items it is super affortable

Carpenders are the best friends of the architects. WE LOVE WOOD. DO YOU? Here is an interior with woodwork pieces that we developed.


Our proposal for the museum of Jason’s mythical ship “Argo”

Exhibition in the 49th Dimitria

“AVLI” was our suggestion for MC Redux adaptive reuse call.
Through the utilization of three municipal buildings of unique characteristics the 49th Dimitria Festival aims at strengthening the cultural infrastructure of the city.
We were invited to participate in the attempt to redefine the peoples correlation with built environment through the conceptual reuse of an old building at the seafront of the city.

“PAPER” Cambridge Architecture Journal

We are enthusiastic that our work was published by The Cambridge Architecture Journal in the 23rd Issue that was printed during the summer. The edition is entitled crisis and all the projects are answering the current questioning about architecture today and tomorrow.


We were very happy to be invited to speak in Benaki Museum. The meeting is about our first built architectural inspirations. There will be many distinguished colleges who practice architecture in Greece or abroad and remember the initial triggers for architectural though and creation urge.


We are enthusiastic to present the latest Damdi Publication. In the book we participate with images of ideas and rough lines from our sketchbooks. In a collage where selected architectural firms from around the globe were invited we gave our own answers for designing philosophy and architecture.


We happily participate in the exhibition “Artists’ Cards”. The opening date is today and the host is Elika Gallery 27 Omirou st. Kolonaki, Athens.

The artworks will be exhibited and for sale for a week, until the 21st of December.


Our work Athens as Home, RETHINK ATHENS 3rd RUNNER UP, have been published together with the other second stage finalist by DOMES architectural magazine.


We are happy to announce that the digital architecture magazine ARCHIscene published our proposal for RETHINK ATHENS !

Award !


We are proud to announce that our proposal ATHENS AS HOME passed in the 2nd stage of the European Architectural Competition and achieved the 3rd Runner up position.

The Onassis Foundation organized and funded a European Architectural Competition for the creation of a new city centre, a project centered around Panepistimiou Street. The competition was organized under the auspices and in collaboration with the Ministries of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, the Attiko Metro S.A., the Region of Attica and the Municipality of Athens.

The Competition started on Monday, May 21st 2012 and the results were presented on February 27th 2013. More information can be found by following the links to the website of ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE or the website of the competition www.rethinkathenscompetition.org



New project



Dimos Moysiadis gave an interview for the iconic art and architecture global magazine “Surface”

Interview for Talent: Architecture section in popular New York based lifestyle magazine SURFACE. We are happy to announce that principal architect Dimos Moysiadis gave a half an hour session interview for his view and philosophy about architecture. It is published in the Talent: Architecture section in the current issue (Sept./Oct.) of Surface magazine.


We succeeded to be chosen for the second stage of the architectural competition for the popularly discussed pedestrianization of Panepistimiou street in the very center of Athens.


3 TEMPLE AXIS . We are happy that our proposal for the prestigious competition for the pedestrianization of Hagia Sophia Axis is honored with a distinction.


 Our work was published on digital magazine DEZINEER. Our  smart robot with interactive behavior and memory was introduced to new friends: Mr Smilie.


ALEA is published on digital architectural magazine WOLD.DEZONA.com



We are happy to announce that ARCHISEARCH published our work at “FEATURED ARCHITECT”

New project



We are happy to announce that the digital architecture magazine ArchDaily published our ALEA !


The popular dutch architecture magazine MARK published ALEA. (issue 36, p.17, feb/mar 12)



Dezona – architecture sharing



dimos moysiadis architecture, has been selected to participate in the “Made in Greece plus” Exhibition at the Boston Museum of Science. The “Hidden Exposition project” will be presented together with 16 other selected works. On exhibit through Friday, June 15.

Made in Greece Plus exhibits contemporary built and unbuilt work by young Greek architects that demonstrate how design thinking, technological innovation, and scientific research play a role in the creation of the human-made environment.


International Architecture Competition entry for the redesign of the old GSP area


4 piers for Thessaloniki


MARK architecture magazine published our Olympic Games pavilion project TRAFALGARCH. (MARK magazine, NL, issue 34, p.14, oct/nov 2011)


OCTOGON, Hungarian architecture & design magazine, issue 89, pg 4, 2011

project: Hidden Exposition