Two Plazas re-designing in the heart o a Greek river town

location: Trikala, Greece, 2018
architects: Dimos Moysiadis, Kimon Louizis
International architecture competition entry

A small town with a river. An architectural competition with a small budget for designing and implementing. Two squares in the very core of the constructed web. Old trees, an artificial lake, dated materials, memories and intense visitor flows. The goal: make a change. The city of Trikala need fresh and successful public space. The decision was made. Trust the perfection of nature and architecture will illuminate the gifts we already own. Keeping all healthy trees and healthy pre-existing structural foundations results to an economic, ecological, quick, riskless, and ready to experience from day one public intervention. Respecting the urban environment gave the guidelines to present a planar biomimicry composition that completes the city puzzle in a flow welcoming architectural design. Raising the green areas total footprint helps with the microclimate of the city centre of Trikala. Contours transcends from borders into benches along the pathways. Installation that celebtares wood and water discreetly surprises the eyes of the visitors.