Adaptive reuse of a small building near the seafront
49th Dimitria Festival-Proposal for MC Redoux

location: Thessaloniki, Greece, 2014
exhibition curators: Katerina Kotzia, Vaso Plavou, Fotis Sagonas, Korina Filoxenidou
architect: Dimos Moysiadis

Through the utilization of three buildings, the 49th Dimitria Festival aims at strengthening the cultural infrastructure of the city while promoting an alternative use of each venue as a platform for innovative artistic proposals. Under the belief the conversation about public space can be an attempt to redefine the peoples correlation with built environment AVLI was created. An old café on the seafront of Thessaloniki becomes an urban shelter. The Greek word “αυλή” refers to the outdoor space in front of a building. Nature is allowed to regain the plot. The courtyard dominates while absence of decorative elements is a core design decision. Under the roof there is a plain but welcoming space where individuals form a community. Simple furnishing elements, comfortable chairs, internet connection and power-sockets are inviting everyone into the new public space. It is an attempt to redefine our lives in the cities. AVLI is a reminder that we could live better in our cities and work together as an active community.