Landmark of Thessaloniki
National architecture competition entry

location: Thessaloniki, Greece, 2013
architects: Dimos Moysiadis, Xaris Tsitsikas

An artificial, floating island of culture. Eureka is a floating structure, considered to be a landmark for the city of Thessaloniki, named after the famous phrase of Archimedes.
This construction does not have the dynamic shape of spindle and it won’t travel to other cities or remote places and ports. It is a floating public space without any restaurants or coffee shops. Eureka is a floating square belonging to Thessaloniki and its citizens. It is a cultural spot, which highlights the significance of the city of Thessaloniki, and communicates the ideas of its citizens. A theatre, taking up the role of an open museum, which will magnetize people through the inversion of the visual openness of traditional landmarks, with the symbolic openness of an amphitheater. It will be the most important station of the urban waterway of Thermaikos Bay, while small or large boats carry citizens, guests and visitors to the city. It will also host public or private video-projections related to the history and the cultural production of the city. It will pay an extrovert tribute to the past and present of the creation and intellect of Thessaloniki