Social Public Centre
Kindergarden, Penitentiary, Social Housing, Gymnasium, Municipality Offices, Museum for Hellenic Pontic Genocide
International architecture competition entry

location: Thessaloniki, Greece
architect: Dimos Moysiadis
architectural assistants: Eirianna Vaina, Virginia Giagkou

A multi-use public building in a dense urban environment. The program needed to be clearly defined but acknowledged as a whole. The people should feel that the municipality’s structural intervention at their neighborhood did mark a significant improvement in their outdoor lives while it houses important facilities for them and the city and an open air amphitheatre. Brick covered the urban block and the pre-decided green area. A structural block is placed on the plot. In a rectangular fashion it is curved in a complex way in order to distribute and connect. The ceramic coat is dressing the lower story of each façade while a central urban living yard is a passage that pays tribute to the traditional Hellenic atrium