International Architecture Competition entry for the redesign of the old GSP area

location: Nicosia, Cyprus, 2011
area: 13.000 m2
project team : Dimos Moysiadis, Xaris Tsitsikas

The city of Nicosia combines the general characteristics of a contemporary European city with the morph that history inherited. The designing process focuses on the revealing of the plot as a landmark park that redefines the id of the city, not history oriented but concerning on the attributes of the contemporary architectural creation. Utilizing the adaptability of modern architectural morphology to the requirements of the urban landscape, the composition attempts to organize a dialectical relationship between the city and the new formulation, taking into account the dynamics, the color and the memory of the place.  Taking this under consideration it is attempted to create a design of a modern public space, able to enrich the spatial experience of the historic center of Nicosia with new urban qualities that plays a catalytic role in the revival of the heart of the modern capital while strengthens its relationship with the old fortress city.