2nd Honorable prize at 5th European Biennale of Landscape Architecture, Barcelona, Spain, 2008
Park on the Lakeside of Ioannina, Greece, 2008
project team : Dimos Moysiadis, Xaris Tsitsikas

The plot is found in the lakeside region of Ioannina, in the western side of the city and a small distance from its centre.   The lake constitutes an element of vital importance around which the largest part of the resident’s public life is organized.
An issue that was intensively tackled was the conjunction of the landscape and the outer shell. We saw the earth surface as an essential syntactic element. The goal was to design a form able to create exciting spaces. With a ramp visitors can access a bar-cafe with a spectacular view.
The border of the lake and the street, led us to design lines that follow the outline of the coast. The existence of the biotope prompted us to allow the nature to infiltrate the region of study. We sought to intertwine the flows of visitors with the green creating spaces of minor congregation. Decks of resting, walkways and spaces of recreation are set out harmonically and turn towards the serenity of the lake. The passable terraces of the construction create a continuation with the ground level allowing gazing at all directions.  We seek the distribution of visitors along the whole length of the park which is achieved through a network of fascinating routes.