International Architectural Concept Competition

location: zero longitude, London, UK, 2008
project team : Dimos Moysiadis, Vlad Tenu

“0.0’0” LONGITUDE” project is looking at redefining the concept of the skyscraper as a metaphor, as a mean for expressing ideas and for transmitting powerful cultural messages. Strongly influenced by the location, right on the Greenwich Meridian, the main idea of the project is based on the concept of  ’Time’, one of the main themes in philosophy and semiotics, an endless source of interpretations and astrologic conceptions that often challenge the main existential concepts of the world. The proposal brings a new iconic mark on the London skyline in the Greenwich Peninsula, in a dialogue with the Canary Warf modernist towers, a graceful silhouette of a volume that is generated in concordance with principles derived from the main theme. The basic shape is suggesting ascension, through its extremely dynamic movement defined by the spiral that generates the whole volume of the building.The main intention of the project is to revitalize the Greenwich peninsula, in concordance with a lot of past attempts in this direction, by proposing another pole of urban activities in the proximity of the Millenium Dome, supporting the need of various activities and the immense potential of the area.