it is actually a robot! An amazing one. Works perfectly! An interactive portable smiling digital friend. Physical computing art presented at “Seven seven seven” computational exhibition created by Dimos Moysiadis, Geraldine Holland, Zoi Stathaki
In life we need some fun! “Mr Smilie” has an arduino board in the back of his head, which allows him to have  memory and be responsive. He also have a mouth consisted of nineteen LEDs, two LEDs for eyes and a metallic tie. The tie is a pendulum adjusted to a potentiometer. The eyes and a tiny smile are always on. The analog read of the potentiometer is identified as communicative action and by comparing the differences of these measurements Smilie can be happier. Each digital pin on the arduino board is connected with a pair of LEDs. The more you swing him the greater smile you get. One after the other the couples of LEDs are lightened up forming a wider smile while the memory serves to gradually decrease the enthusiasm during the lagrangian or balance of the pendulum. The face gets happier when he make people happier; this rule describe Smilie’s behavior. If the model is stable the bright smile gradually takes the typical expression of 5 LEDs. A very wide smile of 17 or 19 LEDs can be achieved only after a constant wide swing of the tie. Four 9Volt batteries hidden in the compact wooden cubical base are essential for Smilie to keep sharing his happiness.