National competition entry, municipal theatre facade renewal

location: Corfu, Greece, 2010
project team : D.Moysiadis, I.Oikonomou, K.Panopoulos, X.Tsitsikas, G.Vegliris

The compositional process is orientated towards the re-emergence of the Public Theatre as a landmark, emphasizing not only on its past but also on its attributes as a piece of contemporary architecture.
The architectural intervention attempts to confront the present state of collective social disapproval towards the public theatre through the formation of a visual exaltation. This attempt is organized as a vocabulary of architectural choices which aims to the integration of the building to the function of the city.
Taking advantage of the adaptation abilities of contemporary architectural morphology, facing the demands of the urban landscape the composition attempts to provide the elements of a direct relationship between the city and the building.
As a result of that relationship a dynamic public space is produced, capable of enriching the symbolic capital of the city through the introduction of a multitude of urban experiences in an urban landscape already chromed by memory.