National architecture competition entry, Kozani, Greece, 2010
project team: , Dimos Moysiadis, Xaris Tsitsikas

Kozani is a high dense small city. The task to redesign the public space engages the proposal to host the expected activities composing an attractive pole for gathering people of all ages all the hours of the day. The core of the community’s everyday’s life is there. “Niki’s Square” is the main public  open air space and the built environment that defines it is consisted of most of the important and historical buildings such as the city hall, the national bank the oldest hotel and the main church with its belfry, landmark for the people. The clear-cut concept accent the significance of the context while it welcomes all the flows of the adjacent pedestrian roads. The monumental lining underlines the role of the space as the umbilicus of the city. Four huge triangular ramps meet each other in the lowest point. The centrality is crowned with the big fountain in the centre encircled by high-pressure cloud becks. The new square becomes the means for an urban rejuvenation.